I went to the Station Grill at Union Station here in Washington for a company lunch. I ordered NY strip, with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The vegetables were good!

The mashed potatoes, touted on the menu as fresh, were definitely instant, and tasted so bad I am actually a little worried about my health. There was an overpowering taste that was so off at first that I thought I had gotten steak sauce on them. On second taste, the flavor was kind of chemical.

I expressed my concern to the manager, letting him know they were absolutely inedible. He took my plate.

Moments later, our waiter brought me this:

I also have a note from my mom saying I can have free drinks!!11

Shoulda had the grilled cheese.

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Ah, better.

I should have complained last week when I got take-out dinner at Zorn's (http://www.zornscaterers.com). I got the grilled chicken cutlet and it tasted like it had been marinated in disinfectant. It was completely inedible. Unfortunately, I had already driven away with Sarah to take her to an appointment so I didn't have the chance.

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That's always a weird experience. About a year ago I bought a slice of lemon cake that tasted like lighter fluid or something similar, I swear. I threw it away. Just recently, I bought the same type of cake at the same place, never dreaming that it would happen again. BUT IT DID! I realized that this must have been how that cake tastes. I can't believe that they actually sell it.

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I think they mixed the instant flakes with dishwater.

just a theory.

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The grilled cheese isn't very good, either. Trust me.