I've been watching the West Wing a lot lately, and I have a question.

What the hell did they do to Janeane Garofalo's eyebrows?!:

I find myself looking at every woman's eyebrows on tv now, and I am deciding that none of them are real.


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gotta keep the waxers in business. when I was in sf once, a girl was getting ready for a modeling shoot and just waxed her eyebrows right off and penciled ones on. "makeup artists prefer a blank slate," she said. "It's easier to just wax them off rather than make them blend." ?!*%$#@??

But most waxer's ideas of what my brows should look like is not mine. So I just ignore them and occasionally tweeze. But they know. I get actual sighs of despair sometimes.

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Painted on eyebrows are creepy. The only people who should be eyebrowless are:

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Whoopi had eyebrows until the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" crew shaved them off for her role as Guinan. "Oh, they'll grow back," they told her... :-)

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Lies! They were burnt off by the sheer energy of her awesomeness!

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One of the guys I went to high school with didn't have eyebrows. Or eyelashes. Or any other kind of hair. I'm pretty sure he was never an Olympic swimmer, but he was training for it when I last saw him and still holds the 100m butterfly pool record where he swam in high school (our school didn't have a pool).

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Did you see her on "The Countdown" the other night? Her eyebrows appeared to be intact but she seemed either high or drunk or both. It was a little weird.

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painted in faces

The whole bunch are trying to be Groucho Marx-ists.....